Padamdungari Ecotourism Center

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Wake up to Lush Green Forests, Birds Chirping & Enchanting Views!

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Padamdungari Ecotourism Center is located at the bank of Ambika river in Unai Range of Vyara Forest Division. It truly embodies the essence of an Ecotourism project.It is developed in a way that it works with the nature and not against it. Other than basic necessary alterations to make the place welcoming and comfortable, no development-oriented changes have been made; this makes the campsite beautifully blend in with the surrounding lush forests.

Major Attractions

Learn about our Rich Biodiversity

Prakruti Anubhuti Kendra - Interpretation Center

Local Tribal Food

Jungle Stays

Cactus House

Orchid House

India’s First Ever Walk-in Insectarium

Aarogya Van & Bio-Diversity Park

Nature Trails

Tribal Music Shows

Reptile and Amphibian Watch

Conference Hall for Nature related Activities

Fun Activities at Padamdungari

What can you do here

Odonata Watching

Moth Watching

Butterfly Watching

Bird Watching

Tree Spotting

Star Gazing



Night Trek


Staycation with the Nature

Padamdungari Ecotourism Center observes a strict No Plastic policy. This means no single-use plastic item can enter the premises. To provide the visitors with eco-friendly and convenient alternatives, the campsite has its own glass bottling plant. The water is sourced locally from Ambika river and purified, labeled and packed right on the campus. It is also laced with the extracts of herbs like Tulsi and Lemongrass to make it more refreshing and healthier.

What can you see around

We are excited to show you the rich Bio-Diversity of Padamdungari.